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At the heart and soul of the Preparing Our Home program is the community workshops. These events are led by youth who have attended the Preparing Our Home gathering and are supported by their community and their Elders and the Preparing Our Home program.

Here are links to a few of those stories:

Siksika Nation:

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The Preparing Our Home workshop led by Darlene Yellow-Old Woman Munro and Astokomii Smith in Siksika Nation was featured in Aitsiniki newspaper on page 9:

The overarching goal of the Preparing Our Home workshop was to build the capacity of Siksika Nation Youth for the mobilization of Preparing Our Home across phases of Emergency Management such as Preparedness, Response and Recovery.  The program is in line with Siksika Nation’s Mission Statement “Of Nurturing the Growth, Independence, Well-being of our Siksika Culture and Way of Life”. 

The workshop engaged youth with experienced instructors and Elders to enhance culturally informed community preparedness through actionable outcomes.  The Elders have traditional knowledge and experience to teach and share with the youth.

Stanley Mission:

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A series of workshops were conducted under the leadership of Sheena Sinclair over spring, summer and fall seasons (all of this accompanied by delicious meals cooked by Sheena and her team!).


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The Akwesasne Youth Council invited youth ages 15-29 to take part in a workshop centered around emergency preparedness, disaster risk education and climate change action in our community.

This workshop was an opportunity for Akwesasne youth to develop their leadership skills and learn how to utilize traditional knowledge when preparing for an emergency!

Lil’wat Nation, Xeťólacw Community School

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Community resilience curriculum: Lessons from the Xeťólacw Community School

This toolkit outlines key elements of the program as it was implemented at the Xeťólacw Community School, Lil’wat Nation: hazard mapping and risk assessment; community resilience assessment and youth strategies developed (personal/household, school and community levels).

See the award winning video from this workshop: