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Casey Gabriel – Lil’wat Nation


Casey Gabriel is a member of the Lil’wat Nation. He is a member of the Volunteer Fire Department, a member of the Nation’s Emergency Response Team and a volunteer at large in his community. He sits on several boards and committees in different departments within the Nation. Casey is dedicated to Emergency Preparedness in his community. From 2017-2019, Casey lead the development of the Preparing Our Home curriculum at the Xet̓óclacw Community School, a global award winning initiative.

In this session, Casey Gabriel discussed Canada’s First Indigenous Community Resilience Curriculum at the Xet̓óclacw Community School, Lil’wat Nation.
The Xet̓ólacw Community School, Lil’wat Nation, developed Canada’s first Preparing Our Home community resilience curriculum. Drawing on Traditional Knowledge, this program combines youth-led hazard mapping, asset mapping, photography, firefighting, and lifesaving skills to enable preparedness at the individual, household, and community levels.

In 2017, the participants of the Preparing our Home program won a global competition for their work to understand hazards and develop a school curriculum by integrating Indigenous Knowledge for increasing community resilience. (Learn more here:

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Location: Online Sharing Circle
Date: January 28, 2021
Duration: 1 Day