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Rosalita (Rose) Whitehair


The first presenter to our sharing circle was Rosalita (Rose) Whitehair. Rosalita (Rose) Whitehair is from the Diné Nation. Rose’s maternal clan is Water Flows Together and can be traced back sixteen generations to Window Rock, Arizona on the Navajo Nation.

Ms. Whitehair started volunteering with the American Red Cross, became a Firefighter and an EMT; she graduated Cum Laude in Emergency Medical Services at the University of New Mexico. As a committed member of her community, she has taught hundreds of community members CERT, Tribal CERT, emergency preparedness & disaster response; she has expanded her skills in assisting disasters throughout the Navajo Nation, New Mexico and has recently joined an international firm as a Senior Consultant.

Rose has extensive experience in emergency management and disaster response & recovery including the Emergency Management Director for The Navajo Nation, State Coordinating Officer and Emergency Operations Director for COVID response for the current pandemic for the State of New Mexico. Currently she is guiding states, cities, counties & tribes on their COVID recovery efforts.

See Rose’s sharing here:

Recommended reading: Lessons Learned and Lessons Ignored – A Commentary on Disaster and Hazard Mitigation for the Navajo Nation and Beyond:
Location: Online Sharing Circle
Date: December 14, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited